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10th June 2013

7:30am: Google doodle today : Maurice Sendak
It's annimated!

19th February 2013

8:35am: I like the google doodle for today, Copernicus
It's a nifty solar system for Copernicus' birthday, 19 February.

10th December 2012

7:29pm: Happy day. Tissue warning.
I have to share.


60 Moments That Gave Me The Chills During Seattle's First Day Of Marriage Equality

serious happy sniffles

7th November 2012

8:14am: Happier this time
It seems the major (all?) anti-gay measures were defeated. In the past when opinion polls were close, NOM's 10% rule applied: votes always run 10 more anti-gay (or "pro-marriage", as they put it) because people being polled were bullied by the poll-takers. I haven't seen the poll/vote comparison numbers yet so I don't know if that tendency was still there, but THIS election Wednesday (unlike 2008 & 2010) I DON'T have wear my "It's We the People not We the Heterosexuals" Tshirt in mourning for civil rights, and that makes my birthday week happier! Though it would have been happier if the NC vote earlier in the year hadn't been anti-gay.

15th October 2012

9:16am: Little Nemo Google Doodle
Sweetly done with appropriate animation.
Current Mood: grinning

28th June 2012

3:28pm: Crafty update
I belong to the local Spinners & Weavers guild. We are in the middle of a joint project with one of the university museums: the exhibition with be museum items that haven't been displayed, or not displayed in a long time, and about 20 S&W members made items of textile are what were "inspired by" the museum items.

This is my entry:
Needle Lace

I can't upload a picture of my inspiration piece, it was a high denomination balkan currency note, that was very colorful & had people in traditional costume. The flower motif at the center of the needle lace is based on a flower from the currency border (which looked like carved wood or stone.) Then I went from there, to make it 4" in diameter. It's about 50-60 hours of work, with needle & thread (except for 7 short lengths of chain stitch with a crochet hook), some of it with a loop to hold it flat. I like how it turned out and I'm happy I got it done.

30th May 2012

9:47am: Google doodle today : Faberge eggs
Well done.

16th April 2012

2:45pm: Weird library problem today.
Cataloging a thesis "Libraries and the Occult" -- attitudes of librarians toward the subject (not buying or keeping hidden) and public opinion about it. I think the shelf number will be straight forward; currently I'm stuck finding relivant subject headings. Bleh.

Case in point: the subdivision "controversial literature" (normally 'free floating' for topics) is disallowed under "Occultism", as being redundant (There's a cross-reference). That's saying Occultism is BY DEFINITION controversial.
Current Mood: pondering

28th December 2011

3:44pm: /headdesk
I'm cataloging a 48 p. booklet about copyright. It has no publication date.

Pardon me while I scream.


21st December 2011

11:06am: Heh, backlogs.
Looking at a piece now that has a note from one name I don't recognize to another name I don't recognize "Do you have any idea what I can do with this item? The notes indicate it's been a problem for years" -- dated 11/19/91. The piece is a bifold extension bulliten dated 1900...

28th November 2011

10:27am: What nonsense.
I'm cataloging a local history book about WW II published by the News Gazette. I'm taking the authors from the book jacket. No author names on the title page, the verso lists the editorial staff of the newspaper & "project coordinator"

Neither the acknowledgments statement nor the preface are signed.


So I'm listing 5 "responsibility" access points: the two authors, the editor & coordinator & the newspaper. If the dustjacket gets lost, those two names are listed *nowhere*


10th October 2011

12:46pm: An Occupy Wall Street video

The first minute is Elizabeth Warren doing her usual fine job of explain what happened for 140 years, then what worked for 50 years and what "should have been a warning". Great voice and clarity.

The next three minutes are intermixed clips of congressional hearings (adding context to Warren's points) and Occupy Wall Street reactions.

It's a well edited video. Besides doing very well for Warren (she shows up again toward the end), my next favorite passage is the drum riff at the end, and there's a 2 second clip of a crowd of drummers playing in unison (& in time with the soundtrack).

7th September 2011

6:21am: Would you kill a man if 7 of 9 witnesses retracted?
Email in my inbox tells me State of Georgia has just declared their intention to do that: Troy Davis has his 4th execution date set for September 21st.

Georgia is the state where they had the huge prison strike December 2010. Georgia is the state that had harvest rotting in the fields because of over-broad anti-immigrant laws that scared off even legal migrant workers. I believe Georgia government wants to send a message about who has power and who doesn't.

For background, here's a link to an old story listing the problems of the original testimony:
Current Mood: angry

6th September 2011

9:35am: The Google doodle to day is Freddie Mercury

(press play to start animation)

1st September 2011

1:39pm: A quote from a review of a book I won't read
After giving some examples of why a book's analysis was convoluted and erroneous, the reviewer sealed the drumbling with the following:

The chapter on S* is not just mistaken in its use of Z*, but embarrassing in how clearly it borrows wholesale from an article by N*. The chapter is not long, and of it's 11 citations, N*'s work is directly referenced 7 times. The citations are in the same order as in the original article. 2 other citations are of the books that N* used, and one of them is quoted verbatim. The reason [the editors] did not just print N*'s original article in its entirety may be that he drew different conclusions than N*.

I don't even need to know anything about the subject area to nod in agreement. And applaud a well done snark.

14th April 2011

1:56pm: too little sleep
Up late into wee hours packing for Seattle trip. I could have finished earlier but I didn't want to be carrying 2 shoulder bags + backpack + purse. It's just one (the smaller) shoulder bag. Going to visit Fran & talk & make jewelery. So I had to spend a long time packing down (why bring 10 gms seed beads when 1 gm is plenty? x over a hundred colors). Tues night I did a presentation, so I was concentrating on that (& taxes before). Usually I have a few more boxes, but not as many colors to choose from since I was bringing the whole stash of each color. And it will be great to see my friend again! It's been too long. I should have gone last year but I needed all my vacation time for the England trip.

But, yaaaaawwwwnn, 3 hours of sleep isn't enough. I'll be able to sleep soon on the bus.

9th April 2011

9:49am: Why Title X is vital

Lawrence O'Donnell, as part of 'The Last Word' reads as email asking 'Stop these wackos', an unemployed woman saying what Planned Parenthood has done for her. This after a great indignant riff about why the idea of PP shouldn't be a problem. He about loses it at the end ... and I was crying. I want to give that woman help & a hug. He could not have been half as effective without her words. Via dKos.

28th March 2011

3:28pm: Adventures in cataloging
CDROMs from the gift backlog.

Part one:
A 2005 CD-ROM using Acrobat 6.0, included. What's on my machine is 9.0. I don't have administrative clearance to add 6.0 to my machine so I can fully look at the content, but the few scenes I did get plus the CDROM case means I could do well enough. If a library user checks it out, I don't think they'll be prevented from loading A 6.0 on their home machine!

Part two:
ouch, my ears! I put in the CDROM and it auto-plays LOUD DRAMTIC music at each screen without warning and no off or volume option.

I wonder if me putting a "loud sound" warning in the notes field would be appropriate professional cataloging behavior. Grump. Not cataloging this today.
Current Mood: annoyed

2nd March 2011

10:25am: FOX lies again.
Crowds in Wisconsin weren't violent enough for FOX, so they put in an old clip from Sacremento.



Fox Buses In Footage From Sacramento To Make Union Protesters Look Violent (VIDEO)

If they did this via the mail, wouldn't that be mail fraud? I don't know if this is illegal, but it should be.

4th February 2011

9:16am: Library was closed Wednesday
& I can't fill out my timesheet. We haven't got the word yet on the status of the 2nd -- when my work place was closed -- if it's a "snow day" or a mandated "vacation" day, or (in my case) "sick day"


16th January 2011

12:13pm: Pattern error, oops.
Necklace is *not* accomplished. The error front & center. Must restring. And it was my shortest length, so I won't be able to reuse the center part of the stringing wire in a shorter necklace, unless I make one for a doll. :-(

And this necklace detour was supposed to be a break between paperwork sessions (bank statements & sales taxes to do...)
Current Mood: thwarted

30th November 2010

12:52pm: Next book I'm reading
I think I'm going to be glad this was the book I picked this book off the "to read" pile: "Throughout history, activities customarily performed either by men or by women have become associated with and deemed appropriate to members of one sex or the other." Mary C. Beaudry, Findings: the material culture of needlework and sewing, ISBN 9780300110937 , a gift from Folo a few years back.

Of the "feminine" pursuits, I've skipped motherhood, have pursued some cookery out of necessity, & am much taken by all manner of textile matters, especially if the equipment needed is small (& therefore portable), even if I'm bad at research. I think this will be a fun read.
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